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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 430  FOX  October 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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the amber alert really helped us out in this situation. citizen went out and noticed the car was parked in an unusual manner and was still running and lights were on and proceeded to call the police department found safe! now police search for the suspects responsible for stealing the car the child was sitting in. also this morning... police continue their search for two men who caused a deadly hit and run crash. killing 3 women and injuring an uber driver. good morning and thanks for starting your day with wakeup. lets go straight to our fox6 weather expert rob haswell in the weather
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happening overnight-- milwaukee near 37th and holton. there is not much information on this crash at this time. but looking at the video you can see a car crashed into a pole. we will continue to bring you updates on this story as they become available. happening now-- milwaukee police are looking for a suspect who stole a car with a baby inside. the incident sparked a brief amber alert last night for 15-month old taratino carter. the baby was sitting in a car seat inside a kia soul at a gas station near
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car running while she ran in the store.... and that is when the car was stolen. a citizen called police after spotting the car near 39th and silver spring drive. shortly after, the car and child were found safe a couple of blocks away. the amber alert really helped us out in this situation. citizen went out and noticed the car was parked in an unusual manner and was still running and lights were on and proceeded to call the police department milwaukee police department with a lot of gratitude at this point bc this could have ended in a completely different way the mother and child were reunited last night. police say they have some leads on the suspect. and two men responsible for a fatal crash are still on the run this morning. three women died after a car blew through a red light, and smashed into the uber they were riding in. investigators say the men inside
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latest: three lives are taken early sunday morning near 2-nd and clybourn in milwaukee. police say the uber they were riding in was struck by a vehicle failed to stop at this intersection. nat the wreckage remained at the intersection for hours... as crews try to piece together what happened. police say a lexus was traveling southbound on 2-nd street when it apparently blew through a red light. investigators believe the lexus struck this ford... which was westbound on clyboun. ford, which was being used as an uber vehicle, died. the impact was so strong... it knocked down a fire hydrant. police say the 41-year old uber driver is recovering at a local hospital. two of his passengers - women from illinois, ages 30 and 32 - died at the scene. a third occupant died at the hospital. police say that female victim has not been identified yet. as for the lexus... police say two men ran from the vehicle
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scene... investigators tell fox6 there are currently no reports that the lexus was stolen. an uber spokeswoman could not tell us the condition of their driver sunday night... but in a statement, said: "our hearts and thoughts are with our driver partner and the grieving families impacted by this horribly tragic incident. we will support the police investigation in every way possible.' uber also says they hope members of the public will come forward with information... that will lead to an arrest in this case custody. reporting live downtown, bl, fox6 news. milwaukee police asking for your help in finding two critically missing men this morning. 65-year-old "randoris curry" was last seen yesterday morning near holton and burleigh. police say he suffers from dementia and has a hard time walking. 83-year-old clifford pickens was last seen yesterday afternoon near rufus king high school. police say he also suffers from dementia and p-t-s-d. if you've seen either man-- please give
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new this morning... police investigate two separate shootings. the first happened around 1:30 yesterday afternoon near the intersection of 24th and clarke. milwaukee police say the 32-year-old man was sitting in his car when he was shot. police say it is unclear if the shooter was inside or outside of the victims vehicle when it happened. the victim was taken to the hospital in serious condition. the other shooting happened in an alley behind north 39th street and florist avenue. a 17 year old says he was driving... when someone in a car behind him fired several gunshots at him. th hospital with non-life threatening injuries. police are searching for suspects in both cases. a wisconsin corrections officer accused of shooting a woman will be in court today. police say 22-year-old lillie jones - shot a 23-year-old woman sitting in a car near 32nd and villard last week. prosecutors say they had gotten into a fight inside the onyx nightclub nearby. the woman suffered critical injuries. jones is an employee at taycheedah correctional institution. her preliminary hearing is scheduled
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from election day-- and now more campaign visits are scheduled in wisconsin. chelsea clinton is coming back to wisconsin. she is scheduled to campaign for her mother, hillary clinton in la crosse, stevens point and madison on tuesday. on the republican side... donald trump has plans to visit florida and north carolina over the next couple of days.... governor mike pence will campaign in north carolina as well... before traveling north to ohio. election day is almost here. still ahead-- we'll take a look at what's taking place on campaigns here in wisconsin. plus-- cleaning up! how some people took part in a day of service, to help repair the sherman park community. and keeping the pests out of your home this winter. we have some tips and tricks to keep out any unwanted guests
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park as part of "make a difference day". more than one hundred volunteers spent sunday afternoon picking up trash on sidewalks and in alleys between 51st and 60th from locust to center street. this area of the city is still burdened from two nights of unrest in august. but volunteers say the "tri-block" area of sherman park has a strong foundation of community organizations and " mt. calvary has been here 90 years. bethel bethany almost 100 years, st. catherine almost one-hundred. we're not leaving. " after the clean-up mount calvary church also hosted a resource fair-- to help residents get in touch with housing assistance programs and job opportunities. nearly three weeks after hurricane matthew hit haiti, the people there are still struggling to recover. yesterday 3 priests from haiti came to speak to their sister parish - st. mary's in
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villages still in disrepair and many people lost without homes or fields to grow their crops. the parishioners at st. marys catholic church in hales corners have a 16- year relationship with the churches. they have already sent nearly 20- thousand dollars to the devestated areas but they say the need is much greater. 'what i saw was a good spirit, the people standing for and through that kind of sadness and disaster, which is also difficulty of the moment, they try and this is the most important part of it.' the boy scouts held a bake sale fund raiser at sunday masses. all donations will go directly raiser at sunday masses. all donations will go directly to the people in haiti. if you'd like to help donate - -we have a link on our website fox 6 now dot com. the race to the white house heats up. we'll hear more from trump on his plans if he makes it to the oval office.
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the latest from the presidential trail coming up. and how many languages can you speak? we'll tell you how many languages this girl knows-- you won't believe it. you are watching the fox 6 wakeup news. russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. vo: keep them working... that's senator ron johnson's plan for seniors. he supports privatizing social security and wants to raise the retirement age so seniors have to keep working until they're seventy. he also has a plan for medicare... turn it into a voucher program and add means testing -- so seniors pay more out of pocket
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ron johnson isn't working...
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where five people have been killed in a small plane crash. it happened shortly after take-off. investigators say once in the air the twin-prop metroliner tipped toward the right and crashed into the ground. this is video of the aftermath.. the plane was on its way to libya. the airport is temporarily closed. senator ron johnson unleashes some of his toughest criticism of his opponent, russ feingold, yet. at a campaign stop in waukesha, johnson called feingold a complete ho was there. nats -- walker and johnson walkup to cheers in waukesha, senator ron johnson said russ feingold had been lying about him in t-v ads. so im not real happy with senator feingold. i dont respect phoniness sunday, in front of about 100 republican supporters, johnson had an ally in governor scott walker. senator feingold was in the united states senate for 18 years -- 18 years and
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of wisconsin walker made four stops with johnson sunday. johnson has tightened the race, but has never led a marquette law school poll and remains one of the most likely republican senators to lose. so i asked, did he wait too long to step up the attacks? this has been my opportunity but lets face it, hes outresourced me. johnson says feingold has done that in large part because of his political action committee, which johnson says has run a "shadow campaign" for feingold. feingold, campaigning in milwaukee this weekend, brushed off the criticism. l senator johnson and his office, and im going to continue to talk about the issues and not get involved in that sort of thing feingold also denied that walker's appearance on the campaign trail would make a difference. senator johnson and governor walker do what the koch brothers tell him to do. i would do what the people of wisconsin would tell me to do walker continues to say that johnson's race is the one that's most important to him. the governor has not campaigned with donald trump the last two times trump has been in wisconsin. but he says he's not writing off trump's
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donald trump also urging voters to vote republican across the board this november. while campaing in florida this weekend trump called on his supporters not only to vote for him on november 8th, but for g-o-p senate and congressional candidates as well. saying together they will be able to make the changes they want to programs already in put in place by the obama administration. donald trump: "if you elect me along with a republican house will immediately repeal the obama- clinton defense sequester and rebuild our badly depleted military." --butted with-- "with a republican house and senate we will immediately repeal and replace the disaster known as obamacare. it's a disaster." the comments come two weeks after a slew of republican senators and congressmen up for re-election withdrew their endorsements of trump's candidacy. the retractions came after a tape of
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women surfaced. meanwhile-- hillary clinton was campaigning in north carolina this weekend. while at a rally she spoke about comments trump had made regarding a rigged election system and how he would respond to the elections outcome. trump said he would completely accept the results of the election... if he wins. clinton says that is a threat americans shouldn't stand for. now, i have to admit, you know, when we were both asked the he would say what everybody has always said, which is 'hey, of course.' because to say you won't respect the results of the election--that is a direct threat to our democracy." trump isn't backing down from those comments. at a rally in ohio sunday he continued to tell voters the
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meteorologist rob haswell a cold front has passed to our south and despite the sunshine that high pressure brings as it builds in today, we stay much cooler than yesterday. highs will dip into the low 50s. we stay clear and cool overnight with low dipping into the mid to upper 30s. a new low arrives on tuesday with rain likely but still on the chilly side with highs again in the low 50s. we stay cool through thursday but warm a bit friday with a return to the 60s. the weekend starts with another cool down as highs slip back to the low 50s. today: some early am clouds then nostly sunny and cooler. high: 54 wind: n 5-10 mph tonight: mostly clear. low: 38 wind: nne 3-5 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy with rain likely by the evening. high: 52 wind: e 5-10 mph wednesday:cloudy and windy with rain likely. am low: 46 high: 50 wind: se 10-20 mph thursda low: 45 high: 52 wdnw 5-10 mph iday: mostly cloudy with a ance for showers. breezy. am w44 high: 60 wind: sw 10-20 mph saturday: mostly cloudy. am low:
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trying to get into your home before the cold sets in for good. but there are ways to stop it. fox 6s derica williams tells you how and why pests are so
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homes for fall decorations...homeo wners want the spooky stuff outside...not in. we always see a spike of activity david kusnierek , district manager at batzner pest control is busy making house calls this time of the year. seasonal insects like your box elder bugs, cluster flies and asian lady beetles. when the weather changes like that they migrate to homes and try to crawl in all the cracks and crevices the fluctuating autumn weather is to blame. so prevention reinforced over the next 7 days for rodent awareness week. this is the time of year when rodents try to get into the home. we want to make people really aware before the weather gets cold to go out there on these nice warm days and seal up your home its recommended that you inspect your home at least once a year look for gaps in window sills and make sure weather strips are tight. a small opening just a 1/4 inch can lead to major problems. if you look at a number 2 pencil that the size they need to get
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their body follows right in so it doesnt take much older homes that shift and settle can be a concern along with area where services come into the house. lines, gas pipes water lines those are pretty common areas where rodents can sneak in, something underneath the siding there is a gap by performing a few simple steps or having pest control do a survey will ensure critters remain outside in nature. in franklin, derica news. for more tips -- or to access batzner's "pest library" for help identifying and removing pests -- head to the links page of our website, fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. ahead at five: police continue to search for the suspect who stole a car causing an amber alert. we'll have a live report on the latest in the investigation. plus-- a spooky treat or a terrible trick? how a business in texas is scaring up
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have won the pennant! and in case you missed it. the cubs won game 6 of the n-l-c-s to win the national league pennant on saturday. now the cubs will head to clev series... their first since 1945! game 1 is tomorrow night with tickets averaging more than 900 dollars. meanwhile tickets for game 3 in chicago-- the median price is 55-hundred dollars! game one is at 7 tomorrow night! you catch the entire series,
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the cubs will take on cleveland in the world series... and thousands of fans are calling for a very special guest broadcaster this week: milwaukee's very own bob uecker. a petition has started online to replace fox's joe buck with uecker. it's posted on change dot org -- and so far, more than have signed it -- calling uecker a "national treasure." fans want uecker, in part, because he played a broadcaster for the indians in the hit movie "major league." can you speak a second language? how about 6? a four year old girl in russia speaks a total of seven languages! she performed on a russian talent and the performance has since gone viral.
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english, as well as chinese, french, german, russian, spanish and arabic. her father says she learned the languages by simply playing games. a new film designed for the weather enthusiast! tornadoes-- melting glaciers--- and raging wildfires are just some of the events featured in the new film "extreme weather." partnering with 21st century fox-- national geographic takes you into the middle of these storms and explains how it impacts our planet. "extreme weather" is in theaters now. and halloween themed parties-- but what about car washes? this car wash in texas decided to add a little trick or treat fun to the mundane chore. the car wash is designed to scare more than just the average child too. once customers enter the dark drive through and the windows are soaped up, there is no telling who or what might pop out. employees say it's a lot of fun because customers never see them coming.
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this baby, it could have ended a completely different way now at 5- a baby boy home safe after the car he was in-- stolen from a gas st the difference in the outcome of this case. police are still searching for suspects in a hit-and-run crash that killed three women riding in an uber. the latest on the investigation and what we know about who officers are looking for. rob joins us now with more on the weather. rob's weather a cold front has passed to our south and despite the sunshine that high pressure


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